Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are we ever going to build a clubhouse?

A: Liberty Hills requires a threshold of 400 members in order to warrant a brand new clubhouse. GreatLife KC relies on current existing members to help drive membership in order to make this happen!

Q: Will the course condition be improved in 2017?

A: YES! With regional supervision of the golf course, new equipment, an aggressive maintenance schedule and financial commitment from our ownership you can expect to see vast improvement in the condition of the golf course.

Q: Will ownership communicate with members?

A: Regular email blasts, clubhouse bulletins and an updated web-site will keep all members abreast of company and course developments, improvements, events, incentive programs and more!

Q: Has the issue with statements been resolved?

A: If you are already receiving your member statement via email, you will continue to do so. ALL members will also begin receiving a paper statement each month. If you do NOT wish to receive your statements in the mail, please email or call Morgan Hough, General Manager, directly to be removed from the paper statement list!

Q: Is GreatLife KC going to keep and manage the pool in 2017?

A: We are investing more capital for repairing the pool for the upcoming season. We will also manage the pool and are still looking for qualified pool managers over the age of 21.

Q: Will we continue to operate as semi-private facility and host outside events?

A: Yes, until we reach 400 members we need the incremental revenue to operate at the quality expected by the membership.

Q: If I upgrade to a Drumm Farm or Staley Farms membership, will I have to pay to play at Liberty Hills?

A: You will only have to pay to play if you are renting a cart. Your cart packages are only valid for play at the course you have a membership with. If you are walking, you do not have to pay to play.

Q: If I am a member at Liberty Hills and I have a cart package, do I have to pay to play at Drumm Farm or Staley if I am walking?

A: Yes, there will be a trail fee assessed for all players who play on a course who’s membership rates are higher than the current rate they are paying for a membership at another club.